Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas and Ocean City Bound!!!

Hello everyone, Hope you all are ready for the Holidays!! As we wind down the Bay season with just a couple trips left before Christmas, I look back and am thankful for the fishing we have had some of it has been really good and some of it has been... well a long boat ride with lots of fishing and very little catching. For some reason after the best fall (2012) in the 10 years, I've been doing this mating or running a boat, most of the big boys decided not to come check out the Bay this fall. Its been somewhat of a let down after such a great early fall season and the countless schools of fish still going down the Bay of juvenile fish 15"-25", we knew the big boys would right around the corner in great #s but they never showed. Last winter was a tough year out of Rudee and looks to be another one out of there. I have heard from multiple sources that the fishing is pretty good out of Ocean City Md. and that's where we'll be. I want to make sure all you guys get the best chance to get your trophy rockfish and moving to Ocean City looks like where we need to start our ocean season. If the fish head down to Va Beach, we'll be coming with them but until then we will be fishing out of Ocean City. At most its an extra 2.5 hours of driving but I believe it will be well worth the drive to go up there where the big boys are living. I hope everyone will understand the extra effort we are putting in to be where the fish are and hope to see you up there. I also understand that drive is a long ways for some of you to make like the groups that come down, fish, and drive back all in one day and for you guys don't forget about the spring Trophy season in April and May. I have a deal worked out on hotels that is the same as in Va Beach for your stay if interested. I also have a few more open dates due to the move and have a Saturday opening of Jan. 4, also New Year's Eve and Day have become available as well if anyone wants to try the Ocean City night life for New Years and catch some big fish too. I have attached a link to a youtube video one of my customers made last week one of our better days on the little fish, lots of action and we picked out some decent keepers. Once again I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope to see you on board soon as we look forward to a great start out of Ocean City!!!

Tight Lines,
Cory Rice

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