Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer is here and the action is getting hot!!!

Hello everyone, Summer is here and we are changing seasons with it as it gets here and our fishing scene is shifting. After a successful spring season, we have put the big trolling gear away to collect some dust til the fall and are rigged up ready for the summer. Right now we are bottom fishing for croaker and a few spot, most of the fish we are catching are small to medium croakers with a few large ones mixed in. The action is good and makes for some great family fun or great for a business fishing trip. Bottom fishing should hang on throughout the summer with a mixed bag of spot, coraker, whiting, and grey trout of all sizes. Chumming and trolling for blues should start heating up within the next few weeks and the spanish mackerel will be sure to follow by the first of July. Hopefully once it gets good and hot on a daily basis, we'll have some red drum and cobias hanging around the reefs and target ships for some good live lining action with one of the biggest battles we can offer. We also have begun flats fishing the past couple weeks and so far the results have been fair. There is a decent amount of speckled trout around and a few puppy drum as well. This is a really good sign considering we are still in the early part of this season and should continue to get better as the summer goes along. Don't wait too long to book your summer trip and get your family and friends on board for a great day on the bay!! 

    Tight Lines,
    Cory Rice